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The Wings of Council is a collective term used to refer to the Legendary Bird Pokémon which act as guides and protectors of Pokémon around the world. In this capacity, many Legendary Pokémon around the world respect the Wings of Council and will often seeks its advice in disputes involving humans and other Legendary Pokémon.

Formation of the CouncilEdit

It is unknown when the Wings of Council was first formed, but legends describing a similar body can be traced back as far as ancient Pokémopolis. As opposed to the ten members which make up the full Council of today, the legends describe a council of just three of the Legendary Birds: Lugia, Ho-oh and Celestrial. It is unknown when the Council was first expanded, but theories indicate that the Council gained new members after a disagreement between Ho-oh and Celestrial expanded into a battle that split their island into what is now known as the Whirl Islands.

The Modern CouncilEdit

Despite the original reasons for the expansion of the Council, the current number of Council members has been ten for as long as most histories can account for. The current Council membership is as such:

  • Articuno, the Titan of Ice
  • Zapdos, the Titan of Lightning
  • Moltres, the Titan of Fire
  • Lugia, the Guardian of the Sea
  • Ho-oh, the Sentinel of the Skies
  • Tornadus, the Incarnate of the Winds
  • Celestrial, the Shield of the Night
  • Echotrance, the Keeper of the Forests
  • Halu, the Voice of the Heavens
  • Archimedes, the Wisdom of Ages

Despite its status as a full member of the Council, Archimedes rarely interacts with the other members of the Council outside of the designated Council meetings which occur every decade.