Pokédex Information
Animagus Confundo

Pokédex no.




Quiz Pokémon




Telepathy / Synchronize

2'00" / 0.6m


Pokédex Colour


29kg / 63.9lbs


Field Group, Human-Like



Qizret is a Psychic-Type Pokémon.

It evolves into Telexam starting at level 18, which evolves into Amygdest at level 36.



Qizret is a bipedal Psychic-type Pokémon with purple skin. Both of its feet have three large toes, two at the front and one at the back. It features a slender neck which leads to a small face. On its head are two glowing purple orbs which have two rounded purple streamers floating near to them, forming a purple question mark. The streamers curve around the same way as its tail, which also floats near its body close to a purple orb. It has a small mouth under its head which is used to talk, but not eat.

Gender differencesEdit

The female's tail is slightly smaller than the male's.

Special abilitiesEdit

Qizret are capable of human speech, and will use this ability to communicate fluently with its trainer. If it meets a person it dislikes, or wishes to challenge, it will only communicate in riddles. It displays the ability to monitor the brainwaves and thoughts of other creatures, and is able to feed off of certain varieties of these in a similar fashion to Drowzee or Hypno.

In the rare case that a Qizret is asked a riddle it cannot solve, it will sometimes lose its psychic abilities from frustration. Its psychic powers may be restored by either solving the riddle or asking it an easier one it can answer.


Qizret are highly intelligent Pokémon who are capable of human speech. A Qizret will often ask riddles of any nearby sentient creatures, expressing delight when its riddles are solved, and disappointment when they are not. Qizret enjoy company of three or less, usually two humans and itself.



Urban Pokémon

Qizret most commonly live in urban areas, close to humans. They are commonly found around places of learning such as libraries and universities, where they feed on the brain waves of humans. In rare cases, they may be found in many other environments, usually close to highly intelligent Pokémon.


Qizret do not seem to need much nourishment, though they will accept berries and fruits when offered to them. Research seems to suggest that they feed on the brainwaves of a creature who is attempting to solve a complex puzzle.


  • Qizret is one of the three starter Pokémon of the Dictioy Region.


Qizret is primarily based on bipedal alien depictions in popular media.

Name originEdit

Qizret is a combination of the words 'Quiz' and 'Tetris', a popular puzzle solving game.