Arw City is a city located in western Dictioy. The city lies within a valley circled by volcanic mountains, though only two are currently active.

Places of InterestEdit

Arw GymEdit

The official gym of Arw City is the Arw City Gym, which specialises in Fire type Pokémon. Its leader is Char. Trainers that defeat him will be awarded the Forge Badge.

The gym itself is based on a volcano, utelising holographic projectors and heaters to simulate the belly of a volcano. Challenging Trainers are made to test their knowledge of Pokémon by answering a series of questions. Correctly answering a question will allow the challenger to move on to the next stage, while failing the test will cause the Trainer to 'fall' into the lava and forfeit their daily challenge.

The Phoenix RingEdit

The name given to the circle of volcanic mountains surrounding the city, legend tells of a contest between Moltres and Ho-oh of the Wings of Council over whose fire was more powerful. The ensuing contest scathed the hidden valley where the Wings of Council previously met. Moltres, in a fury over losing the contest, was reported to have destroyed the largest mountain in the Phoenix Ring, the roost of Ho-oh.

Within the Phoenix Ring, two of the mountains are still active, and play home to some of the only Fire types within the region.

The Sleeping HeatranEdit

A grove near the road leading into Arw City contains a sleeping Heatran, commonly thought to have been homeless after the destruction of its mountain thousands of years ago. A popular legends tells of a Magma Stone belonging to the Heatran existing somewhere in the city.



Arw City plays home to roughly 35,000 humans, the third largest settlement in the entire region. Most of its residents are of the working class, with the Arw City Geothermal Plant generating power for the entire region. As a result of the easily accessible energy supplies, many engineers and skilled workers have residence in the city.


Due to the heat of the area, Fire type Pokémon frequently make their home in the area. In addition, Ground, Rock and Poison types are commonly found in the Phoenix Ring, while Poison and Normal type Pokémon settling in the city,


  • This is usually the first Gym challenged by Trainers starting within the Dictioy region, though the city gyms in Romanc or Rorroh may be challenged beforehand. 
  • Char is the newest Gym leader in the Dictioy region, leading the Arw City gym for only one year.
  • The city motto is 'Forging Tomorrow's Leaders'.
  • The city has a link to Scine Town. The Forge Badge and the Anvil Badge combine to create the Smith Badge, one of the four badges required to enter the Diamond League.

Name OriginEdit

  • 'Arw' is an anagram of the word 'War'.